Aug 29, 2007


Lack of posts can only mean one thing... lack of crafting. I've been so very, very busy that I just don't have the time to do ANYTHING right now - I'm starting school for Interior Design in September, so right now I'm scrambling to make sure that my paperwork is all filled out, that I'm registered for the right classes and working my last two weeks at my job.

As soon as things get settled, I'll be crafting up a storm. :)

Aug 12, 2007

3,2,1... LIFTOFF!

Fluxity, my online store, is now up and running.

I feel that this will help my crafting addiction pay for itself - because as I learn something new, I want to do it over and over - like, for example, crocheting hats. :) I have no need for 15 brand new crochet hats (in August, no less) but if I sell them, I can afford to buy more yarn, to make more hats, and then move on to another craft!

It's genius, I tell you!

Check it out! Tell me what you think! Are my prices decent? Do the pictures look nice? I need to know!

Aug 9, 2007

Excuse me? I would like to buy a head, please.

So I am drawing ever closer to launching my Etsy store. My original plan was to make purses. I got the sewing machine, I have about a metric ton of fabric.... and severe ADD. I moved from purses to coffee cozies, then to perler beads, paper flowers.... well, you're reading my craft blog. Just scroll down. You'll see.

I was beginning to get discouraged, thinking "I'm never going to get this purse business off the ground!" Then it hit me, as I was teaching myself to knit (badly) - my Etsy store doesn't have to be purses! Just because I make lots of different things, all the time, doesn't mean that I can't open a store. I fact, it could be a good thing! A wide variety of items could attract a wide variety of shoppers, right?

Anyway, this brings me to my point. I make crochet hats, and I needed something to display them on, for taking pictures. I don't really agree with live models for things like hats and earrings, so I left the house on a mission: I needed a fake head. You know, one of those Styrofoam mannequin heads you see in hat stores and wig shops.

Eight or ten stops later, I found her at a wig store downtown:

I had not anticipated the shocked and confused looks I would get when I asked "excuse me, do you sell fake heads?" So, after the first couple stops, I changed my request to a more professional "Do you carry mannequin heads?" but that didn't stop people from looking at me like I was insane. Oh, well. The girl at the wig shop, however, didn't even bat an eye, grabbed one for me and I was on my way.

The hat in the picture, by the way, is a giant beret, or I guess you would call it a Rasta tam. It was something of an experiment, but I really like how it turned out - I used really soft yarn and it's just cozy. The problem is it's just HUGE - so it would really only look normal on someone with a LOT of dreadlocks. I hope someone sees it and likes it, because I sure as hell can't wear it. :)

Aug 6, 2007

Big Bag-o-Coolness!!

So, I decided that when we go to the Gorge Amphitheater for Download 2007 (INCUBUS!!!!) that I don't want to mess with my backpack again. I won't need quite as much space, because it won't be May and freezing cold at night - so no packing a hoodie, thermal, and four extra shirts to layer against the horrendous spring winds. Nope - this time it'll be hot-as-hell middle-of-the-desert August heat.

So, I looked in my closet - and the Shelf-O-Purses didn't have anything quite like what I was picturing. So I made this:

I was going to make it a messenger bag, but some super-strong magnetic snaps on either side of the opening seem to be doing the trick nicely. It's got double-cardboard reinforcement in the bottom of it, and measures about 11" tall, 13" x 11" x 5" .

And here's what I'm really proud of: Zipper pocket on the inside! I used this tutorial on Craftster, and now I am wondering why the hell I thought thought that zippers would be so hard. It worked out really well!

On top of the zipper pocket, I also put some smaller pockets, one with a snap , and two without.

I used pre-made nylon strapping for the strap - I usually make my own straps, but I was feeling a little lazy. Plus I think it looks just fine.

I wish you could see the pockets inside the bag a little better, but the print I used for the lining is so busy and loud that it's hard to see what's what!

Can't wait to use it!

Jul 29, 2007

Fariy Hair


The first one shows the contrast really well, and you can see all the stitches, but the color is washed out.

The second one is more color-accurate.

I've put it down for a while, though, so I can recover. :) Filling in large spaces with chain stitch looks great and all, but I was frothing at the mouth with boredom by the time I finished the hair. Thank goodness I am smart and chose not to use the metallic thread again. I used a variegated thread that fades from dark to light yellow - though I did have to do some strategic stitching to make it look like highlights.

All in all, I am pretty proud of it. :)

Jul 28, 2007


So I emailed the swap moderator, and asked her to slyly email my partner and ask what her shoe size is and - 9 1/2-10 was the answer! They will be perfect! I sent them out today.

Now my next task is to make the medium-sized object, so it goes back to wist-scouring and Craftster-stalking, to try and come up with something that I think she'll like. This time, preferably without needing to ask any further information from my partner.... it sort of ruins the surprise, that way.

I also want to make some crochet arm-warmers out of this yarn: Paton's "Brilliant" in black dazzle. Pictures do not do it justice, it shimmers and sparkles and is a silky sport weight yarn... and is pretty expensive, but I couldn't help myself. I can't wait to make something out of it. Anything.

Also, tried to pick up knitting again, today. Much cussing ensued. Hm.

Jul 24, 2007

Pray she has bigger feet than I do....

You know, it's hard to tell if this is my craft blog, or my swap blog.... it's a fine line, really.

I'm doing a "secret craftster" swap right now, and it's more challenging than I thought it would be. The great part is that I can make whatever strikes my fancy, not something that fits in a "theme" like most of the other swaps I've done. The hard part is it's all secret- so I can't ask my partner any questions! My partner listed her favorite color as purple - like deep, violet purple, and there is the cutest pair of MaryJane crochet slippers on her wist, so I found the perfect purple yarn and bought a slipper pattern:

I'm having some issues. First of all, I can't message her to find out what her shoe size is... I have smallish feet, and they are too big for me. There's no way I could schlep around in these, they wouldn't stay on!

Second of all, one of them is a bit bigger than the other.

So, I pretty much have to remake them, but I don't know if I should make them the same size (just, you know - both of them the same this time) or smaller... bigger.... if she has, say, size 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 the size I made will fit just fine. But, if she has 6 1/2 feet like little 'ole me, I have to go down a hook size or two.

I just don't know. Either way, I'm remaking them, and I'm going to try and felt this pair, to see if they'll fit me. If that crashes and burns, oh well. They don't take much yarn to make, at all.

I love experimenting.

Did I mention that I have to figure this out and be ready to send by July 28th? Yeah.