May 6, 2007


The obligatory 'first blog entry' entry - and I present it to you in a handy bulleted list!

  • My name is Ali. Contrary what the spelling of my name may lead you to believe, it is pronounced "allie" and I am a girl. My full name is Alissia (uh-lee-see-uh) but not a single person calls me that, not even my mother. It's just something that makes my signature fancier, I guess.
  • I am a creative person. I make things, I draw things, I sew and I embroider. I occasionally paint, badly, and I am learning how to crochet properly.
  • I rarely finish projects all in one go, but I am rather bothered by the pile of half-sewn purses under my sewing table, so I finish them all eventually. I like to tell people that "I'm waiting for inspiration." When, in all actuality, I just got caught up in the newest season of Project Runway, and completely forgot I was making it.
  • I am in the process of starting a business on Etsy - making purses and other cute sewn things. So far, the list has expanded to include coffee cozies, headbands, aprons, and makeup pouches.
  • I live in the Inland Northwest. I know - you're scratching your head and saying "Inland Northwest? Why, Ali, Whatever is that? I have heard of Pacific Northwest, that's where Seattle is!" The Inland Northwest is the other side of Washington State. We are in the northwest, we are just not pacific. Some people claim that we are the Inland Empire, but I think that's just snooty.
  • I work full time for a lawn care company. About as non-crafty as you can get. Plus, it is spring time, and therefore our busy season is in full swing. I work ungodly amounts of overtime.... but it's all worth it when I am laid off in the winter and get to craft all the live-long-day!
Nice to meet you.


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