Jun 12, 2007

Attempt 1: Failure

Things I learned while trying to recreate pretty paper flowers:

  • Paintbrush is poor substitute for a nice wire stem
  • Stain ribbon equally poor substitute for florists tape
  • Being covered in glue at one in the morning is not really all that fun. (Who am I kidding? Yes, it is!)
  • I already rock at cutting flower petals
  • The project was enough of a success that I can already feel myself becoming obsessed
  • Wheee pretty paper flowers!

So, in the process of all this, I am realizing something interesting. I love papercraft. I fully immersed myself in the art of origami a few years back, and man, did I ever love it. I dabble in sewing (and am getting fairly good at it) I tried my hand at polymer clay sculpting and it turned out pretty well. Paper, however.... I think I'm a natural.

If I wasn't so tired, I would try another flower. But... it's probably for the best - I need to get some florists tape and wire, anyway.

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