Jun 29, 2007

Buzzzzy like a Bee

Things I have learned in the last week: (A handy bulleted list!)

--Knitting! I can cast on, knit, purl, and bind off! It looks awful!

--Crochet! Ok, so I could already crochet, but only... square things. From coasters and washcloths to scarves and baby blankets, if it was square, I could make it!

No more! I spent some extensive time in front of my computer (hmmm, not all that out of the ordinary, I'm afraid) and learned how to crochet a circle with the help of a video on YouTube. After that, there was no stopping me - I had six or eight different tabs open on my firefox, with the hat pattern I wanted to make, tutorials on how to do certain stitches, a glossary of crochet abbreviations, and a picture of the Jayne hat - and I went to town.

Final result:

Half finished hat for myself:

-- I finally finished that paper flower project, and am looking forward to making a bouquet (after I'm done with my swap! I'm on a deadline!)

--And here are those Firefly Trading Cards I made:

I learned that I hate stickers and I looooooove rub-on letters. They look so great! And they're so easy!
BONUS! Half-finished embroidered giraffe!

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