Jun 6, 2007

Firefly Serenity Swap

Whoot, the ideas are really flowing for this one:

-- Fruity Oaty Bars
I am going to make them!! I'm going to buy a box of fruity trail mix bars, and then fully decorate the whole thing, to look like a real box of fruity oaty bars! I will use pictures from the commercial easter-egg on the Serenity DVD, and go from there.

-- Jayne Hat
Now, I don't know how to knit... but I have a great pattern for a fleece winter hat.... why not try to sew a "fleece version" on the Jayne Hat? Could still be cool, right?

That's all I have right now, but this one is coming so much easier than the Tea swap did. I'm really glad.

In other swap news, I have prepared Ben to be sent on his journey.... but my partner indicated in the survey she sent me that she was interested in a small-ish animal friend. Ben's about 12 inches tall... and I am afraid that he will be too big... but Ben's the one I want to send! I already wrote out my bio and everything... I will have to ask my partner. This is what he looks like:

I don't know, I guess he might be too big to tote around on adventures... but I wouldn't consider him too big if someone sent him to me.

I need to start thinking of places to take my little visitor, when he arrives!

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