Jun 11, 2007

Sock Jayne


I have it. A Jayne doll. I looked good and hard at a sock money tutorial, and I think I will easily be able to modify it to look like a person, and then make a Jayne doll. I need to start right away.

And I need to figure out how to make teeny tiny clothes. Also need to find a printer so I can make the labels I need for the Fruity Oaty Bars... and think of a few more ideas. :)

Also, found this website: Paper Source - that has the most beautiful kits for making paper flowers. Now, I feel guilty about this, but I can pretty much just make them on my own - I watched the tutorial video on the site, but I really don't plan on buying a kit. Makes me feel guilty. (But I wanna pick out my own paper!)

Still, they are very neat kits:

I think, after I'm done with my swap-themed crafty ventures, I'm going to dive into paper flowers. Whee!

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