Jun 3, 2007


So, because of the absolute frustration the Coffee/Tea/Cocoa swap caused me, I said "that's it! No more swaps for a while!" ... and promptly signed up for two more.

Hm. The coffee/tea swap was the first themed swap I had joined, and it proved to be far more difficult than I had imagined. I kept hitting every kind of idea-block imaginable... and the thought of sending sub-par gifts was keeping me up at night. I finally pulled through, and sent the teacup and saucer I'd painted, some handmade soap, stationary, tea, the ribbon covered tea-tin, and more tea. Oh, and a last-minute paper collage that was too big for the box I'd chosen, so I had to fold it. I hope that she liked it anyway. I wish I had thought of taking pictures of what I sent, but I forgot.

I scrapped the tea-towel, though. I wish it had turned out better, but the back was so terrible that I didn't feel right about sending it to someone else. I might have kept something like that for myself, but it would be a little strange, considering I embroidered "Melissa" on it.

Current Projects:
-- Firefly/Serenity themed swap: still on the drawing board, but LOTS of ideas.
-- Make purses, for consignment: haven't even started. Psh.
-- Felt needle book: Halfway done, no more needles lost in the middle of my pincushion!
-- Sewing Apron for me: Still in the design phase, but I cannot wait until I get it done, so I will always know where my scissors are.
-- Skunk Purse for Lynda: This really should be first priority, but the whole process is making me nervous. I want her to LIKE it, and that's really stressing me out.

Pic of the Day:

Fish Purse WIP - hand appliqué fish on Ultrasuede pink purse, with a happy candy-striped lining. I love this one! It should sell, I think, but I want to keeeeep it! :(
And a close up on the fishie:

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