Jul 20, 2007

'Ello, Gov'nah!

So I'm doing a "Little Visitor" swap over on Craftster - where you trade a stuffie with your partner, and take him out on the town, get him some souvenirs and make him a few neat crafts - then send him back with all his treasures!

I decided to Crochet G (my visitor) a hat-and-scarf set. G happens to be an odd shape, so I just started crocheting, with no pattern (or idea what I was making, for that matter) and this is what I ended up with.

You can't see it very well, but I bought a pretty Spokane souvenir pin, that's what is holding the scarf closed, there. His head is so big, I had to make little ties to hold the hat on his head, and the scarf is covering that up.

There's a little brim on the cap, too. The minute I put the outfit on him he looked like a little British child from the 19th century. I should make him some knickers, to go with the ensemble... hmmm.

Also working on a rolly-uppy-thingy- for all my crochet hooks. I'm making it as cheery and colorful as possible, and am in the middle of the embroidery that's going on the outside, right now. As soon as I finish that, I will be able to put it all together.

The inside:

It's done with a pretty swirly fabric that I got in another swap, and a deep purple fabric with white stars all over. I added an accent with pretty "crochet" ribbon in a nice blue. The larger strip on the left are the pockets for my hooks, and scissors. The smaller section on the right is a pocket with a flap, for stitch markers and other odds and ends.

Close up of the flap.

I had quite a time figuring this part out... how big? How to attatch the flap? Will I need to put a snap on the flap?

Considering the fact that I didn't even measure the fabric before I started, I'd say it went rather well.

The hook pockets.

I am making the outside in a pink courdoroy, and embroidering this Sublime Stitching fairy pattern onto it. Once that is done, I will put it all together, with some ribbons to tie it up, and Whala! All my hooks in one place!

Hopefully this means I won't find one in the bathroom cupboard with my toothbrush again.

Closeup of the face: (pretty darn proud of myself!)

Off to bed, with me. I've been staying up far too late these days! I feel asleep on the couch with my hook in my hand the other day, and I woke up tangled in yarn.... that has to be a sign. :)


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xeen said...

Iiee! I love your blog. I am so going to link you.

But anyway, I couldn't find that fairy on Sublime Stitching, but I love it (I replied to you on craftster) and that in one insanely awesome hook holder. The fabric choices are way perfect. I'm lusting now :)