Jul 2, 2007

Firefly/Serenity Swap, FINISHED!

Here are the Juicy Details:

All packed and ready to go!

Better picture of the crochet Jayne hat - I know it doesn't look exactly like a knitted Jayne hat, but I think it comes pretty damn close! I am very proud of myself.

I finished the backs of the trading cards, and wrote a quote from each character, respectively, on the back of the cards. I also covered the box the cards came in (I used a cheap deck of playing cards) with pretty paper and wrote "SERENITY - Character Trading Cards" on it. I should have taken a picture.... oh, well.
I also made her some Fruity Oaty Bars! I drew everything freehand with some simple Crayola markers, and then glued my drawing to a box of strawberry Nutrigrain bars.
I also recovered the bars, too! That way, she'll be eating authentic Fruity Oaty Bars even if she opens the box!Another very proud moment in my Craftster career - I crocheted her a dinosaur! She and I both love Wash and he loves dinosaurs - I thought it was appropriate. For the record, Amigurumi are flipping HARD.

I also found an unopened set of chopsticks at the thrift store - the label on the package is all in Japanese, so it fits the theme really well. They just jumped out at me as I walked by, so I bought them for her. :)

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