Jul 28, 2007


So I emailed the swap moderator, and asked her to slyly email my partner and ask what her shoe size is and - 9 1/2-10 was the answer! They will be perfect! I sent them out today.

Now my next task is to make the medium-sized object, so it goes back to wist-scouring and Craftster-stalking, to try and come up with something that I think she'll like. This time, preferably without needing to ask any further information from my partner.... it sort of ruins the surprise, that way.

I also want to make some crochet arm-warmers out of this yarn: Paton's "Brilliant" in black dazzle. Pictures do not do it justice, it shimmers and sparkles and is a silky sport weight yarn... and is pretty expensive, but I couldn't help myself. I can't wait to make something out of it. Anything.

Also, tried to pick up knitting again, today. Much cussing ensued. Hm.

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