Aug 12, 2007

3,2,1... LIFTOFF!

Fluxity, my online store, is now up and running.

I feel that this will help my crafting addiction pay for itself - because as I learn something new, I want to do it over and over - like, for example, crocheting hats. :) I have no need for 15 brand new crochet hats (in August, no less) but if I sell them, I can afford to buy more yarn, to make more hats, and then move on to another craft!

It's genius, I tell you!

Check it out! Tell me what you think! Are my prices decent? Do the pictures look nice? I need to know!


Jessica_in_Rome said...

They look really cute!!

Xeen said...

You've got cute hats! My crochet hats always come out looking llumpy on the crown, so I envy your m4d ski77z.

Tee Juice said...

Lovely merch, definitely worth the prices.