Aug 6, 2007

Big Bag-o-Coolness!!

So, I decided that when we go to the Gorge Amphitheater for Download 2007 (INCUBUS!!!!) that I don't want to mess with my backpack again. I won't need quite as much space, because it won't be May and freezing cold at night - so no packing a hoodie, thermal, and four extra shirts to layer against the horrendous spring winds. Nope - this time it'll be hot-as-hell middle-of-the-desert August heat.

So, I looked in my closet - and the Shelf-O-Purses didn't have anything quite like what I was picturing. So I made this:

I was going to make it a messenger bag, but some super-strong magnetic snaps on either side of the opening seem to be doing the trick nicely. It's got double-cardboard reinforcement in the bottom of it, and measures about 11" tall, 13" x 11" x 5" .

And here's what I'm really proud of: Zipper pocket on the inside! I used this tutorial on Craftster, and now I am wondering why the hell I thought thought that zippers would be so hard. It worked out really well!

On top of the zipper pocket, I also put some smaller pockets, one with a snap , and two without.

I used pre-made nylon strapping for the strap - I usually make my own straps, but I was feeling a little lazy. Plus I think it looks just fine.

I wish you could see the pockets inside the bag a little better, but the print I used for the lining is so busy and loud that it's hard to see what's what!

Can't wait to use it!

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