Aug 9, 2007

Excuse me? I would like to buy a head, please.

So I am drawing ever closer to launching my Etsy store. My original plan was to make purses. I got the sewing machine, I have about a metric ton of fabric.... and severe ADD. I moved from purses to coffee cozies, then to perler beads, paper flowers.... well, you're reading my craft blog. Just scroll down. You'll see.

I was beginning to get discouraged, thinking "I'm never going to get this purse business off the ground!" Then it hit me, as I was teaching myself to knit (badly) - my Etsy store doesn't have to be purses! Just because I make lots of different things, all the time, doesn't mean that I can't open a store. I fact, it could be a good thing! A wide variety of items could attract a wide variety of shoppers, right?

Anyway, this brings me to my point. I make crochet hats, and I needed something to display them on, for taking pictures. I don't really agree with live models for things like hats and earrings, so I left the house on a mission: I needed a fake head. You know, one of those Styrofoam mannequin heads you see in hat stores and wig shops.

Eight or ten stops later, I found her at a wig store downtown:

I had not anticipated the shocked and confused looks I would get when I asked "excuse me, do you sell fake heads?" So, after the first couple stops, I changed my request to a more professional "Do you carry mannequin heads?" but that didn't stop people from looking at me like I was insane. Oh, well. The girl at the wig shop, however, didn't even bat an eye, grabbed one for me and I was on my way.

The hat in the picture, by the way, is a giant beret, or I guess you would call it a Rasta tam. It was something of an experiment, but I really like how it turned out - I used really soft yarn and it's just cozy. The problem is it's just HUGE - so it would really only look normal on someone with a LOT of dreadlocks. I hope someone sees it and likes it, because I sure as hell can't wear it. :)

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